A Little Holiday Story (Why You Shouldn’t Trust Reviews)

I’ve been meaning to share this story on here but couldn’t think of a simple way to tell it until now. I’m still practicing with taking complex ideas and narrowing them down into understandable narratives but here we go! This is another business tip that everyone can relate to.

So on Christmas Eve I visited a reputable restaurant with my friend Sally and learned that just because a business is reputable doesn’t mean the manager can change at any given moment and the place suddenly becomes the worst dining experience in the city. First of all my plate wasn’t even clean (had some brown crust on the side), my wine glass had spots on it and the waiter looked tired and overworked with bags under his eyes. Turned out the waiter was tired because he’d been working double shifts for nearly a week as the new restaurant owners had fired all the staff and left this poor guy to pick up the slack.

5 star review

On reviews I read that the menu had a lot of options and that the food was superb but when I got there the menu was printed on normal letter paper and only had a dozen options. I won’t go as far as to share the name of this restaurant because for all I know they’re going through rough times and things might turn around any day but there’s a moral to this holiday story I want to get deeper with.

DON’T TRUST REVIEWS ON THE INTERNET without actually going there yourself and getting your own opinion, especially reviews that are over a month old. I used to always trust reviews and chose my business thus. But now I’m going to start considering what my heart tells me because things change and I suspect, from my own experience, that businesses with lots of bad reviews can within a short course of time pick things up and actually be a great dining experience but no one will ever know if they only read reviews and never actually go there.

So that’s all I wanted to share on this post, but I’m working on another post that will come out tonight so stay tuned!