Keeping in Touch with Family

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and, embarrassingly, despite my age, I realized for the first time in my life just how important keeping in touch with family really is. Before yesterday, I hadn’t contacted my mom for nearly three years. I won’t get into the complications of why it had been so long, but I will get into detail about my revelation.

mother's day

My mom lives in Windsor Ontario with my step father where she spends her retired years gardening and painting landscapes. I decided to reach out to her because I regretted the arguments we had suffered in the past and I was surprised to hear how happy she was to hear my voice. We ended up talking for nearly 3 hours over the phone when I expected we’d only be chatting for 10 or so minutes.

Think of this as a quick, friendly reminder, because it’s a bit off topic compares to what we usually blog about. I’ll be grateful, however, if this message just positively impacts the life of one person who reads it. Oh, and here’s a funny Mother’s Day video you might relate to if you’re anything like me:

Moving on now! Basically, I came up with five major reasons why keeping in touch with family is important. Even if you despise some members of your family, these reasons should prove why it’s worth while to contact them at least once per year.

  1. You never know when property or business can be bequeathed by a dying family member.
  2. Hearing a family member’s voice reinserts the history of where you came from in your mind.
  3. There’s always the chance for new and exciting news!
  4. You never know when a family member is pregnant or already gave birth.
  5. It’s just common courtesy!

I don’t expect anyone to take my opinion on this matter as scientific truth because, to be honest, I still have a lot of work to do before I can be considered an expert at keeping family relations healthy. I just hope this little reminder adds a blessing to your life, because I never realized how much of a blessing family is to me.

Until next Mother’s Day, I love you, Mom!

The History and Foundation of Our Blog About Commercial Appliances


As a group of friends who work in the hotel restaurant business and love the latest technology, we came up with the idea of having a blog for other people like us to read about how we feel about certain appliances like industrial dishwashers and refrigeration systems and what are the pros and cons of each one. Knowing this will make it easier for new people in the business to succeed. This is because making mistakes that could be avoided slows you down. Knowing ahead of time what the best commercial appliances are for your hotel restaurant will save you from stress and hassle.

The Story of Our Foundation

Our history, as you have just read, is simple. We own hotels and have free time to share. We love technology, and the foundation of our blog is our want to share our knowledge to other like-minded people. Here we talk about tips and tricks for repairing appliances yourself so you don’t need to hire technicians. We talk about what you can do to boost your business if you’re a commercial appliance repair expert. That is because we have insider info for what hotel owners like to see in an appliance repairman. We have lots to say and hope you’ll join us for the adventure.

Until our next post, adios!