What Can a Restaurant Do in Canada While it’s Closed Due to COVID-19

Today I want to share some good things a restaurant business can do while Canada is shut down during the COVID-19 epidemic. First I’ll talk about the financial resources available, but then I’ll talk about what I believe is even more important than finances–using this time wisely to break ahead of the competition and come out on top once the pandemic is over.

In Canada, many businesses are temporarily closed, especially restaurants. If you’re one of those businesses, you might want to check out Canada’s economic response plan. There are many new grants from provincial governments to keep funds coming in while your business is temporarily stalled. Also, there is Employment Insurance for your employees to take advantage of. These are things you can do financially while you wait, but what’s the best way to use your time once these things are done?

How to Come Out on Top as the Best Restaurant in Town Once the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over

There are may things you can do to use this time wisely. And the best one, in my opinion, is using this idle time to work on your businesses. I believe there’s a big difference between “working in” and “working on” your business, and now is your chance to work on your restaurant and make it better. One thing you can start with if you haven’t already is create a theme for your restaurant. Sometimes, restaurants get famous and attract tourists from around the world just because they have a unique theme. There are Star Wars restaurants, Lord of the Rings ones, etc, and nows your chance to revamp your business with a theme that will catch craze and attention once the pandemic is over.

Another thing you can do is revamp your menu or do some extra cleaning. You could buy new tables, redo your art on the walls, etc. Use this time wisely while the competition is idle and you’ll come out on top.

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