About Our Blog

Our branch of the Tilleuls family from France is a lot smaller than it used to be in the 19th and 20th centuries but that just means our family operation is more tight-nit and we share it with friends. As hotel owners and managers we’ve come together for the sake of other people like us to blog about the best hotel keeping practices such as choosing the right commercial appliances for your restaurant and hotel rooms.

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On our blog you can expect interesting stories explaining why some commercial appliances are better than others and how to repair them if things go wrong. You can also expect tips and tricks for running a hotel restaurant as a manager or owner. We love to say that a good hotel has good appliances like industrial dish washing machines to save you money on hiring human hands for dish washing and a commercial refrigeration system so you can keep all your perishable goods at the right temperatures. We also recommend the use of wine fridges and hope to explain this in several future posts.

So if you’re a hotel restaurant owner or manager then stay tuned for the latest and greatest in tips and tricks for the trade on our blog. We hope to benefit as many people as we can by sharing our insider knowledge. Thanks for visiting!